The system DUTZI®

DUTZI® - The future lies in active soil!

The conservation and promotion of soil fertility is the focus of the DUTZI® system. Necessary for their use is the provision of a soil structure, which ensures the seed germination, the root system the appropriate penetration and the root area, the self-regulation of the water balance in the long term

The first "DUTZI® System" was designed for a consistent reduction in the number of machining operations in non-tillage to a OnePass system.
The possibility of combining the KR, even at plowing farms for seedbed preparation, was and is a basic requirement.
The new "DUTZI® System" differs from the previous DUTZI® system in that the ground tillage was moved from the rear in front of the KR into the front of the tractor as a separate step within the machining gear.
Here, the front loosener FL can be combined not only with the KR, but also with almost any tillage implement of surface treatment (working speed approx. 4 - 9 km / h).

New system DUTZI®: Former DUTZI® system: "FL meets KR" KR with delta shells

relaxing unit
The delta shells of the former DUTZI® system are adjustable in depth. Depending on the setting, they loosen the floor up to a depth of 40 cm. The soil is left in its natural stratification and not turned. Biologically active soil layers and organic material always remain at the top, promoting a natural and plant-friendly soil structure with very high fertility.
The FL in the new DUTZI® system takes over the loosening of the soil in the front of the tractor up to a depth of 70 cm. Due to the very steep position of the blade tip in the ground, a crack structure forms below the actual working horizon.
By replacing the delta sheds directly in front of the rotor, the new system DUTZI® has a significantly lower power requirement compared to the old system due to the narrow shares of the FL. The risk of smear layer formation by the delta shells was also eliminated with the FL.
The thoroughness and thus the usable field capacity and the usable root space of the soil are increasing.
The soil is left in its natural stratification and not turned.
Tine or chisel rotor
The chisel or tine rotor crumbles the soil in the upper soil layer and uses organic material near the surface. The rotor tools have very close distances and are extremely stable. The incorporation of organic material close to the surface increases the bearing capacity of the soil and reduces the susceptibility to slurry and compaction.

Packer rollers
Different packer rollers for the most diverse conditions of use, make the reconsolidation of the loosened soil before and restore the bottom closure.

The DUTZI® systems can be combined with almost all established and built sowing techniques.
The layered processing of the soil by the DUTZI® system leads to a stable crumb structure without soil compaction and soles. This prevents clogging, waterlogging and erosion. The rain digestibility of the soil is increased, and the air and water balance significantly improved. The plants form larger root masses, they become more resistant to pests and diseases. In principle, the DUTZI® system is suitable for growing all crops.
The management with the system DUTZI® has the following advantages:

Short periods of time for field work can be optimally used with the DUTZI® system. In a crossing, the primary and secondary soil cultivation, as well as the seed can be done. The total working time requirement is reduced by up to 60%.
Tillage with the DUTZI® system optimally regulates the soil's air and water balance. The capillarity of the topsoil is interrupted, existing water in the subsoil can not evaporate on the surface. The restructuring of the subsoil in the soil loosening by the DUTZI® system increases the rain digestibility and the usable field capacity. Especially in dry areas, the DUTZI® system is ideal for optimally providing the crops with the few available rainfall.
Soil cultivation with the DUTZI® system decisively reduces erosion hazards. Organic material is incorporated near the surface. The build-up of the surface with organic material and the increase of the usable field capacity in the subsoil prevents soil erosion by wind and water.
The DUTZI® system can also be used for seedbed preparation as a follow-up treatment after plowing. in this connection