The philosophy

DUTZI® - do it well with us!
Today, tillage is often over-mechanized or, with reduced mechanization, the objectives of plant cultivation are no longer achieved satisfactorily.
Economy and ecology are for DUTZI® the essential core points of modern crop production.
The economics of crop production require marketable products in high quality, yield security and the lowest possible time and resources for tillage, sowing and care. It is no longer about doing as much as possible for a good harvest. Rather, as little time and resources as possible should be invested - adapted to the prevailing circumstances. Rational working methods are the business commandment of our time.
Ecology in crop production calls for a more sustainable use of our resources. The focus is always on the conservation and promotion of soil fertility. Necessary for their use is the provision of a soil structure, which ensures the seed germination, the root system the appropriate penetration and the root space, the self-regulation of the water balance in the long term.
DUTZI® machines have all the technical possibilities for the consistent implementation of these requirements.
For more than 40 years we have stood by the development and production of our machines for an economical and at the same time gentle soil cultivation.
DUTZI® - The future lies in active soil!